Design is adventure. I enjoy discovering, learning, and inspiring people to explore the future through my design.

Growing up I made beautiful expressions out of everyday things and I was artistically gifted. My parents were professionally marketing and branding experts, so I was natrually keen to finding new, creative opportunities and solving problems.

My passion for basketball has taken me from China to the Midwest & to the East Coast to be trained and to compete with best student-athletes all around the world.  Achieving success as a team is something I find joyful.  An injury sets my path away from college basketball, but the self-discipline and team-working skills that I acquired during my student-athlete years has had fundamental impacts on me.

Choosing creative path and skillsets is like climbing in nature, there is no “right” way of going up.  I stay true to my intuition and keep faith in the ethos I resonate most with. There are challenges, but I find this journey to be very fufilling.

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