November 2019


USA Luge Association partnered with White Castle and asked CCS Product Design to design the next generation of luge footwear.

My design was awarded 2nd place chosen by final panelists.  I was invited to present my design to Olympian athletes and the performance department at Lake Placid training center.
Footwear being the first contact zone, it directly impacts the distance traveled by air and contribute to performance time.
It is very common for luge athletes to size down their shoes. They want to feel the wind for more sensible, directional control.
Every square milimeter
of luge athlete serves a single purpose: SPEED.
Pointing foot down-ward is crucial for luge athlete to travel in the most aerodynamic position. Though, the advantage comes with risk.
This sponsored studio was featured in these articles:
Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, USA Luge Design Future Sliding ‘Bootie’ USA Luge, College for Creative Studies and White Castle® Team Up to Design Luge Bootie of the Future
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